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0005542Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2019-06-14 06:40
ReporterrhertzogAssigned Torhertzog 
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Product Version2019.2 
Target Version2019.3Fixed in Version 
Summary0005542: Improve how plymouth theme is handled
DescriptionCurrently the plymouth and desktop-base package do not provide a good way for derivatives/admins to override the default theme (it's hardcoded in /usr/share/plymouth/plymouthd.defaults). Due to that we have added a call to "plymouth-set-default-theme" in desktop-base but this overwrites /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf (which is a dpkg-handled conffile) and can lead to spurious prompts during package installation.

This issue is discussed in on the Debian side but it will require some upstream fix first. The Debian maintainer opened but upstream seems unlikely to fix it by himself. So we should likely step in to get what we want.


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