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0005553Kali LinuxFeature Requestspublic2020-12-01 10:48
Reporterrhertzog Assigned Torhertzog  
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Product Version2019.2 
Fixed in Version2019.3 
Summary0005553: Ensure virtualization related packages are automatically installed

Many Kali users use it in VM and every time they install a new VM, they have to install the virtualization-related packages enabling some features (such as file transfer with the host, destkop resizing, etc).

They should not have to do this, instead the installer should detect the virtualization and automatically install the appropriate packages.

Additional Information

It's the hw-detect package which should handle this in debian-installer:

For VMware there's a bug requesting open-vm-tools auto-install:

And a merge request is ready as well:

We want to push this work forward and build on it. I see two things to be done on top of this existing change:

  • do the same for virtualbox (and possibly qemu, kvm, hyper-v, xen)
  • add some way to conditionally install the -desktop variant of each virtualization packages (hw-detect is called too early to know if the user wants to install a desktop or not)




2019-06-23 14:08

administrator   ~0010727

The required changes have been committed to Debian. It was a bit more involved than expected notably for virtualbox where installing the virtualbox-guest-dkms package would break the graphical installer.

I uploaded the snapshot of the corresponding udeb to Kali and will rebuild the Debian installer with those modified udeb so that the feature will be available in upcoming daily/weekly images.



2019-06-23 14:19

administrator   ~0010728

debian-installer 20190514+kali1+b1 is building right now with the fixed packages.

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