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0005659Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2024-04-28 16:19
Reporterpsiinon Assigned Torhertzog  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2019.2 
Fixed in Version2019.4 
Summary0005659: ZAP 2.8.0 fails to start for some installs

We've had direct reports of ZAP failing to start on Kali. It apparently fails consistently for the users affected, with both java 8 and 11.
Full details are in our bug: which includes a workaround.
We have a fix: which we've tested on kali.
Whats the best way to get it into the ZAP kali package?
Can you just apply that fix or would it be better for us to release a new version of ZAP?
At this stage we dont plan on releasing ZAP for any other platform as they dont seem to be affected.

Steps To Reproduce

In /etc/java-11-openjdk/ uncomment the line:
#assistive_technologies=org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper .
Start ZAP with java 11.
ZAP will not start.




2019-08-27 10:27

administrator   ~0010939

Hello, thanks for the notice! Currently, we're packaging zaproxy by relying on your pre-built .jar file provided in the "Linux" tarball that you are releasing so it would be easier for us to update the package based on a real release.

But ideally, we should really build from sources so that we can apply patches more easily. I don't know how hard this is going to be however.



2019-08-27 10:38

reporter   ~0010940

OK, we'll do a linux release - I'll update this ticket when its available.
Very happy to help you with building from sources in the future.



2019-08-28 09:52

reporter   ~0010944

We've just released 2.8.1: just for Kali :)
Let me know if you have any problems or questions



2019-08-28 10:17

reporter   ~0010945

As an aside, the menu:
Applications > 03 - Web Application Analysis > owasp-zap
uses the 'old' ZAP icon.
The latest icon in various sizes can be found in




2019-08-28 10:19

reporter   ~0010946

Possibly this one?



2019-08-28 14:28

administrator   ~0010948

Thank you! I uploaded zaproxy 2.8.1 to kali, it will be available shortly in kali-rolling (though not in the upcoming 2019.3 release, as we already generated the ISO images). I also uploaded kali-menu 2019.4.1 with the updated icon.

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