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0005765Kali Linux[All Projects] Queued Tool Additionpublic2020-06-17 14:57
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Summary0005765: filegps - The only HTTP filename guesser for your webshells
DescriptionHi all,

Recently I developed a tool that could be usefull to find how your webshell got renamed after the server-side script of the file uploader saved it.
The tool has been added to the official repositories of the following distros:
     * Parrot OS
     * BlackArch linux
     * BackBox

I was wondering if it can be integrated in Kali too.
Steps To ReproduceHere you can find the tool:
Here there is the last release of the tool:
Additional InformationHere is a brief description of the tool from the documentation:

When you upload a shell on a web-server using a file upload functionality, usually the file get renamed in various ways in order to prevent direct access to the file, RCE and file overwrite.

fileGPS is a tool that uses various techniques to find the new filename, after the server-side script renamed and saved it.

Some of the techniques used by fileGPS are:

   * Various hash of the filename
   * Various timestamps tricks
   * Filename + PHP time() up to 5 minutes before the start of the script
   * So many more



2019-10-28 22:44


PoC.png (126,536 bytes)
PoC.png (126,536 bytes)


2019-10-30 13:12

reporter   ~0011265

Any updates about this?


2019-12-02 13:18

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@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~


2019-12-07 22:46

reporter   ~0011595

Ok! How do we proceed about this?

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