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0005779Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2019-11-07 22:42
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Summary0005779: Not working language switcher in Linux after upgrating
DescriptionWhen I power-on my kali the language switcher‌ (such as En and Ru) not working. The switcher icon will be changed but the typing language no!
Steps To Reproduce- Select two or more languages
- Reboot Kali
- Start to typing with your natural language
- Change language by SUPER+SPACE‌ keys
- Start to typing with another language

You can see the switcher icon has been changed but the typing language is the same as the natural (previous) language.
Additional InformationTemporary solution:
- Power-on Kali
- Open up settings
- Select Region and Language
- Remove/Add a language

The problem still exists after reboot. You need to do the above steps again.

Kali 2019.4


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