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0006086Kali LinuxKali Websites & Docspublic2021-02-21 17:51
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Product Version2020.1 
Summary0006086: Website link is pointing to locahost

The link to the "Porting NetHunter page" on the page "Modifying the Kernel" lead to "http://localhost:1414/docs/nethunter/porting-nethunter/"

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Navigate to the link :

  2. View the link "Porting NetHunter page " of the first paragraph of "Modifying the Kernel" :

We will continue from the Porting NetHunter page and work on the Galaxy Note 3 kernel as an example. The idea stays the same though: replace the defconfig with one that is used by your kernel.

The link lead to "http://localhost:1414/docs/nethunter/porting-nethunter/"

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2020-02-13 14:42

administrator   ~0012274

Thanks for the report.

Should now be fixed ~

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