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Summary0006200: No link to SHA256SUM.gpg on download page

Please add an html anchor link to the 'SHA256SUM.gpg' file somewhere on the downloads page on the Kali Linux website.

This download page:

Has no link anywhere to the 'SHA256SUM.gpg' file:

In fact, it doesn't even have a link to the equally necessary 'SHA256SUM' file:

There appears to only be a link on that page to the SHA256SUM file for the weekly builds.

In fact, I recommend adding this in multiple places on the page to make it easy to find:

  1. For every row in the table, make the existing SHA256SUM value the text body of an anchor link to the SHA256SUM
  2. On a newline under every SHA256SUM link in [1], add an anchor link with the body "SHA256SUM.gpg" linking to<release>/SHA256SUMS.gpg
  3. At the bottom in the "", turn the currently-bold text for "SHA256SUM" and "SHA256SUM.gpg" into anchor links that link to the corresponding files for the current release

Please update the Kali Linux downloads page to have at least one clear link to the SHA256SUM files and SHA256SUM.gpg files.

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2021-06-24 08:11

manager   ~0014829

This is now fixed with the new get-kali page



2021-06-24 12:02

reporter   ~0014832

Thanks for the updates! Great to see there's been some progress on this issue, but I'm afraid it's not quite complete yet.



2021-06-24 12:06

reporter   ~0014833

This document is great!

But where is it linked-to in the new download page?

In fact, where does the new download page link to the SHA256SUMS.gpg files at all?

To resolve this issue, please:

  1. For each download type and release, provide a link to the corresponding .gpg file
  2. Please put a link to the guide ( somewhere on the download page ( I recommend putting a question-mark icon "(?)" as a link to this doc next to the link to the .gpg file link (see 0000001 above) for every release


2021-06-24 15:55

manager   ~0014835

Under bare-metal downloads there's a link 'How to download Kali Linux images securely?' pointing to the documentation page I shared before.
I wouldn't include the information about the SHA256SUMS.gpg files in that page as it belongs to the documentation

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