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0006316Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Websites & Docspublic2020-12-01 10:46
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Summary0006316: Invalid URL/redirect leads to Sucuri "Access denied" page.
DescriptionOn the page, the redirect when clicking on "LUKS Full Disk Encryption" in the "Kali Linux Full Desk Encryption" item is invalid.

It generates an Access Denied page from the Sucuri WebSite Firewall.
Steps To Reproduce1. Visit
2. Go to the "Kali Linux Full Disk Encryption" section.
3. Click on the link under "LUKS Full Disk Encryption"
Additional InformationThe base URL is currently set to,which redirects to (note the double slashes after docs). The current base URL is from the old setup, where was used.

The invalid redirect causes a Sucuri Website Firewall page to pop up with an Access Denied message.

If the double slash in the redirect is removed - the issue is resolved and the page loads properly.

This issue might happen on other places too where the same sort of redirect from to is used - I just spotted this one.



2020-05-23 11:47

reporter   ~0012825

I see this is still a thing. Is anyone from the team willing to look into this? The fix is actually quite simple.

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