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0006340Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2020-07-22 09:24
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Product Version2020.1 
Summary0006340: Kali 2020.1 update

Hi guys at offensive security,

I hope you are well, especially at this current time with the covid-19 outbreak.

First off, I would like to say you have done a brilliant job making the Kali OS and I have been really enjoying it for my primary pen testing operating system, how ever since the 2020 update where the non root user was made default I have not been getting on with it as I’m used to having root access ever since the back track days.
I was just wondering if you are able to make a update for the installer where we have the option to be a root user or non root user when installing the operating system, further to this I noticed you have removed some old tools that use python2 like pyrit which is a handy tool and also removed python2 itself which my custom made tools utilise, is it possible to make a meta package where we have the option to have old tools and utilities back on the OS, (maybe called Kali-Linux-old) the reason I suggest this to be a meta package is so the iso stays at a nice little size and then we have the option to install it like other meta packages.

I hope you take this into consideration and I am looking forward to hearing your response.

Many thanks.
Kind regards,
Conor Garry.

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2020-04-30 12:01

reporter   ~0012697

Regarding root access:

Tools that we identify as needing root access, as well as common administrative functions such as starting/stopping services, will interactively ask for administrative privileges (at least when started from the Kali menu). If you really don’t care about security, and if you preferred the old model, you can install kali-grant-root and run dpkg-reconfigure kali-grant-root to configure password-less root rights.

Regarding Python2:



2020-07-22 09:23

manager   ~0013103

Thank you for the suggestions.
As this has already been responded by X0RW3LL I'll close this issue

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