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0006505Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2021-10-28 10:15
ReporterAlexandros_Adamos Assigned Tosteev  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2020.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006505: Crahsing and restarting on Gnome
DescriptionI use Gnome for many years. In this version on Kali and Gnome, when I lock my screen and after minutes past I want to log in again, Sometimes I see Gnome crashed and all my opened windows closed. Like restarting system While I just lock my system and I do not restart!
Steps To Reproducea) Lock up Systems
b) Try to log in
* This error sometimes occurs.



2020-06-21 08:01

reporter   ~0012968

After this, all extensions will be disabled.


2020-06-22 07:12

administrator   ~0012970

It's usually a sign that some GNOME Shell extension crashed. Please have a look at the logs with journalctl and see if you can find the "stack trace" of the crash. Or just share the full logs in an attachment and indicate the approximate time of the crash when you logged back in.


2020-06-22 15:34

reporter   ~0012972

Yes. Today I disabled all my extensions and I don't see this issue again.
Sure. I'll check the logs.
Thank you


2020-06-22 16:13

reporter   ~0012975

Is it harmful?
Window manager warning: last_user_time (306747) is greater than comparison timestamp (306674).
Window manager warning: 0x200001 appears to be one of the offending windows with a timestamp of 306747.


2020-06-22 16:24

reporter   ~0012976

Stack trace for context 0x5607e50e0440


2020-06-22 16:30

reporter   ~0012977

value "275" of type 'guint' is invalid or out of range for property 'opacity' of type 'guint'
gnome-shell[48382]: Attempting to call back into JSAPI during the sweeping phase of GC. This is most likely caused by not destroying a Clutt...
gnome-shell[48382]: == Stack trace for context 0x558d21d92440 ==
gnome-shell[48382]: == Stack trace for context 0x558d21d92440 ==
gnome-shell[48382]: == Stack trace for context 0x558d21d92440 ==
gnome-shell[48382]: == Stack trace for context 0x558d21d92440 ==
gnome-shell[48382]: == Stack trace for context 0x558d21d92440 ==


2021-06-23 20:44

manager   ~0014799

Are you still seeing this issue in the latest release of Kali (2021.2) ?


2021-06-25 08:11

reporter   ~0014851

No, It's so good. Thanks

But we have an issue with the login page. When Kali is in asleep mode, the screen is locked.
If you suddenly fire up (power on) Kali, sometimes the login page will be bypassed!


2021-10-20 11:20

reporter   ~0015328

The new update is so bugly!!!


2021-10-28 10:15

administrator   ~0015380

What version of Kali are you using?
What version of GNOME are you using?

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