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0006654Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2020-08-26 12:09
Reporter[email protected] Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2020.2 
Summary0006654: gvm install issues permissions?

After installing 2020.2 on a virtual machine I now wanted to install the gvm Greenbone's latest OpenVAS.

It seems that the gvm install does not set up the right permissions though. (does not start correctly)

I changed

to _gvm/_gvm (instead of root/root)

Hmm, I am still missing something - still not starting correctly.

I just wanted to let you all know that the package which has just recently been included in Kali (great work by the way) as it is much easier to build with apt-get then from source of course.

But it does seem there may be a few snags here.

What are all the locations for gvm software?

ok, I got the browser to start now at with all of the above changes.



[email protected]

2020-08-14 02:37

reporter   ~0013275

browser works, but tried adding admin user

sql_open: PQerrorMessage is complaining role "root" does not exist
init_manage_process: sql_open failed

[email protected]

2020-08-18 00:36

reporter   ~0013286

Also changed permissions (_gvm:_gvm)

And now I could log into the browser gsad session.
I was able to add an admin user once logging in.

It looks like the above permissions fixes did the trick.



2020-08-26 12:09

manager   ~0013323

I don't think that the permissions changes of /usr/share/openvas and
/usr/share/doc/ospd-openvas were the real issues.

FTR: the message "sql_open: PQerrorMessage is complaining role "root" does not exist
init_manage_process: sql_open failed " is displayed when we tried to run gvmd as root, not as user _gvm.

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