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0006664Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-09-21 18:27
Reporterghostpapper Assigned To 
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Product Version2020.3 
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Summary0006664: UI(error): ui_init(), failed to open X11 display:
DescriptionWe are facing problems with Rdesktop and Xfreerdp since version 2020. We have tried several configurations, but without success. I installed the kali 2020-3 and it has the same error. The only version of Kali that we had no problems with was in 2019.
Can anybody help me?
Steps To Reproduceroot@kali:~# xfreerdp /u:administrator /p:134679 /v:
[ERROR]{[com.freerdp.client.x11] - failed to open display;
[ERROR]{[com.freerdp.client.x11] - Please check that the $DISPLAY enviroviment variable is properly set.


root@kali:~# rdesktop
Autoselecting keyboard map 'pt-br' from locale
UI(error): ui_init(), failed to open X11 display:



2020-08-20 02:04


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01.PNG (13,846 bytes)
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02.PNG (26,799 bytes)


2020-09-19 20:15

reporter   ~0013459

Can anyone help in this matter?


2020-09-20 16:14

reporter   ~0013462

what output this command is giving (echo $DISPLAY)


2020-09-20 16:17

reporter   ~0013463

also had you tried this :
    su root
    find the string behind "name of display" e.g., name of display: (which is "1.0")
    export DISPLAY=:1.0


2020-09-21 12:56

reporter   ~0013469

I tried several ways and I can't. In kali 2019-3 it works perfectly. In Kali 2020, however, no known way worked.
I upgraded from 2019 to 2020-3 and stopped working. So now I'm using 2 kali linux. This is very unproductive.

image.png (66,731 bytes)
image.png (66,731 bytes)
image-2.png (74,317 bytes)
image-2.png (74,317 bytes)


2020-09-21 18:16

reporter   ~0013471

that's weird because when i echo variable $DISPLAY i get :1
try this (export DISPLAY=<your.own.ip>:0.0)


2020-09-21 18:27

reporter   ~0013472

It really is very strange. Já tentei several forms and not with it. He thought it might be a BUG in some Gnome or Kali service.

image-3.png (113,514 bytes)
image-3.png (113,514 bytes)

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