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0006696Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2020-12-01 10:48
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Product Version2020.3 
Summary0006696: home screen is not working

I installed the latest updates in my kali linux .
After rebooting the home screen of kali linux is blank.
But in the folder desktop is working i.e. i can add file to it.
In the home screen mouse buttons are also not working.
please help me from this.

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2020-09-15 19:33

reporter   ~0013423

did you check logs (journalctl, dmesg) ? are there any errors in there ? in xfce this screen is nothing new when you boot and login to it. Do you have secondary graphical environment(gnome) if so check there if this repeats that's what i can say because from gnome you just press right mouse button and there is option to click i don't know what about xfce but if you have gnome then try there.

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