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0006791Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2021-04-08 00:33
Reporterwrathofgod Assigned To 
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Product Version2020.3 
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Summary0006791: Kex crached
After trying to deal in the installation and running of "proxychains" which lead me to other many other issues, and trying to fix them in order to get the "proxychains fixed", accidentally i messed up with "Kex" and "source.list" files.

Now, everything we achieved together in order to get the GUI up a running, now is crashed.

I tried to reinstall everything, but it didn't worked, as also, the "source.list" is directly related to the update and upgrade of linux.

Steps To ReproduceIn bach terminal,
> error crashed



2020-10-14 18:48


UnableToKex.png (128,927 bytes)
UnableToKex.png (128,927 bytes)


2021-04-08 00:33

reporter   ~0014436

This is because TigerVNC thinks Win-Kex startup script ended too fast.
Edit the script at: "/usr/lib/win-kex/xstartup". Remove the '&' after 'startxfce4' command at the bottom of the script. This makes the xfce session not running in the background and TigerVNC can continue normally

image.png (25,376 bytes)
image.png (25,376 bytes)

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