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Summary0006797: Haiti - A CLI tool (and library) to identify the hash type of a given hash.

[Name] Haiti
[Version] v1.0.1 (
[Download] -
[Author] noraj (Alexandre ZANNI)
[Licence] MIT -
[Description] It identify hash types
[Dependencies] 'ruby' 'ruby-paint' 'ruby-docopt'
[Similar tools] hashid, hash-identifier (in kali), dagon, findmyhash (in kali) see the diff
[Activity] Start 16/10/2019, actively maintained
[How to install] As any classic ruby package, see package for BlackArch:
[How to use]
Quick start
[Packaged] No for debian yet, see package for BlackArch:

Is the tool useful/functional in a Penetration Testing environment?
Yes whenever you find hashes in a database or config files.

Does the tool overlap functionality of other existing tools?
Yes findmyhash & hash-identifier.

Does the licensing of the tool allow for free redistribution?
Yes MIT.

How much resources does the tool require? Will it work in a “standard” environment?
Very few, any computer could run it.




2020-10-22 19:49

reporter   ~0013585

Current source repository:
old source repository:

I'm the author in both cases, it's just that the old repo is hosted on my old company organization and they won't maintain it anymore as I leaved and was the maintainer. So I forked it on my personal account to continue maintain it.



2020-11-06 14:41

administrator   ~0013663

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~



2022-06-10 01:24

reporter   ~0016249

I built a .deb package for haiti and its dependency ruby-docopt.

I tested them on Debian 11. Check the Debian tab on the Installation Production section of the documentation

apt install ruby-paint
dpkg -i ruby-docopt_0.6.1_all_debian11.deb
dpkg -i haiti_1.3.0_all_debian11.deb

To see how the .deb was built, check the .deb tab on the Installation Development section of the documentation

I hope this can help.



2023-11-10 10:46

administrator   ~0018618

Hello @noraj,

Could you make your ./debian/* files public, which you used to build the DEB file?



2023-11-11 15:11

reporter   ~0018622

$ git clone
$ gem install fpm
$ cd haiti/packages/debian/ruby-docopt
$ fpm -s gem docopt
$ cd ../haiti
$ fpm -s gem haiti-hash

Everything is in there:

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