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0006847Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2021-01-15 07:39
Reportertjnull Assigned Tosbrun  
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Product Version2020.4 
Summary0006847: Joplin Package on Kali is not using the latest version.

The current package of Joplin needs to be updated as it contains a cross site scripting bug and it is missing a variety of fixes/features to improve the tool.

Latest Version: (1.4.10)

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2020-11-19 08:17

administrator   ~0013690

Our issue currently is that the build system relies on yarn and yarnpkg is currently broken:

And it can't be fixed because it's no longer buildable in Debian either:

As Kali packagers, we really don't like this node ecosystem which is really brittle and next to impossible to package in a clean way and requires lots of efforts to keep it working...

i'm wondering if we should not replace the Kali package with a kaboxer container instead.



2020-12-11 18:02

reporter   ~0013967

@rhertzog - @TJ_Null was filling me in about this issue - would it be possible to touch base on this issue? I don't have a solution yet, but trying to replicate it on my end, and wanted to compare notes.

If so, what medium would be best to do this? Forum DM? Thanks.



2020-12-12 15:09

administrator   ~0013968

@initinfosec Email? [email protected] Though the main issue is outside of my control so I don't really know what you expect from me. We're trying to package joplin out of the appimage binary release instead of building from source. Not clean but I don't really have a better solution.



2021-01-15 07:39

manager   ~0014113

version 1.6.7-0kali3 is now in kali-rolling

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