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0006896Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2021-05-12 03:46
Reporterwwywyeydy Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2020.4 
Fixed in Version2021.2 
Summary0006896: Terminal

When I install libreoffice, specials chars disappear in terminal.

Can you help me?

Steps To Reproduce

sudo apt install libreoffice

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2020-12-08 08:59

manager   ~0013950

That is weird. I've checked it and I can confirm this issue, so I'll continue investigating it.
Thanks for reporting!



2020-12-08 12:17

manager   ~0013953

I've tested all the fonts that are installed as a dependency by libreoffice and the one that breaks the icons is fonts-noto-core. This issue is also present in konsole terminal so this might be a Qt issue.



2020-12-13 19:56

reporter   ~0013971

Hello, it can be fixed?



2021-01-05 13:52

manager   ~0014036

I'm trying to find the issue but had no luck for now. This needs to be fixed



2021-01-05 15:02

reporter   ~0014038

Please try these steps:

  1. Download the tar.gz file from
  2. unpack it
  3. open the folder "DEBS" in the terminal
  4. type "sudo dpkg -i *.deb"

I hope this will help



2021-01-06 07:06

administrator   ~0014039

Maybe Qt ends up using/favoring the noto font but the font as installed lacks the special characters? What happens if you install "fonts-noto" which should pull all the other fonts-noto-*?

Aren't we forcing the use of another font currently?

Maybe our default font lacks the symbols and Qt tries to fallback to noto knowing that it should have all the symbols and in fact we have only a subset?



2021-03-10 09:50

reporter   ~0014308

When I reinstalled Kali I had the same issue. I tested what would happen if I removed fonts-noto-core and: It helped!

So after installing LibreOffice type "sudo apt remove fonts-noto-core" and close the terminal. When you open the Terminal now, everything will be fine.



2021-04-12 09:10

manager   ~0014452

Fixed for Kali 2021.2

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