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0007006Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2021-09-21 13:39
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Summary0007006: powershell-empire versions 3.6.2 and 3.6.3 require sudo on Kali

Good day. I raised this issue on gitlab about a month ago after raising it with the upstream BC-Security powershell-empire project, who said it was a Kali package maintainer decision. I received no response on gitlab so I'm raising it here in case this is the right place.

Since upgrading from 3.6.0-0 to 3.6.2-0, powershell-empire requires sudo. This is a less secure setup than previous. I would prefer to run as an unprivileged user when not using a privileged port, as was possible before. This change/decision is actually a security downgrade. It should be possible to run powershell-empire without sudo, and it shouldn't have to be enforced by not allowing the unprivileged user to do so.

Thank you.

Steps To Reproduce

apt upgrade from powershell-empire 3.6.0-0kali1 to 3.6.2-0kali1
run powershell-empire as unprivileged user, as worked before
observe the new message and program exit: Please run powershell-empire with sudo: 'sudo powershell-empire'

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2021-01-22 15:46

manager   ~0014137

Thanks for the report. I should have answered the Gitlab issue before.

We (Kali team) first packaged powershell-empire to use it with or without sudo. But there were issues with this packaging that can't be fixed easily if we run without sudo.
That's why now sudo is required.
I need to work with upstream to find a solution to run without sudo if they think it's important.



2021-09-21 13:39

manager   ~0015232

since powershell-empire version 4.*, only the server requires sudo.
The client can be run without sudo

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