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0007043Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2021-02-10 08:10
Reporter4rt Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2020.4 
Summary0007043: strike fuzzer not working

whenever the spike fuzzer is used via the command generic_send_tcp an "undefined symbol: " error is shown I have tried s_readline(); and s_string(""); in the .spk file, whatever the first command is, is the undefined symbol error shown. I have come across a few other people who have this issue as well so it's not an isolated incident. s_readline and s_string seem to be declared in /usr/share/spike/include/spike.h but I'm not sure where it is defined. I wanted to find an earlier version to try but was unsure where/how to find one, as the only one available in the repository is 2.9, probably the most recent build.

Steps To Reproduce

generic_send_tcp ipaddress port script.spk skipvar skipstr; with s_readline(); or s_string(""); in the script.spk file included in the command

Additional Information

I have come across multiple other people who are having this issue so I don't believe I am an isolated incident
Only one version, the bad one, is available in the official kali repository




2021-02-09 07:51

reporter   ~0014205

Forgive/excuse me for sending a technical issue contact request on the official kali website before posting here, was really tired searching for solutions to the point I have brain fog and didn't think to post here before contact over official website request form. Found a couple other people reporting the same issue on a youtube tutorial, all within the last couple weeks so I assume this is an issue with the most recent release/repository release/update and also making me not an isolated incident.



2021-02-09 17:35

manager   ~0014206

I just uploaded a new version 2.9-1kali8 with a fix for the issue.
It will be available in a few hours on the Kali mirrors.

Please test it and let us know if it works for you.



2021-02-09 18:34

reporter   ~0014208

It has been fixed! Thank you!



2021-02-10 08:10

manager   ~0014211

fixed in version version 2.9-1kali8

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