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0007137Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2021-04-14 17:37
ReporterMOHE Assigned To 
PriorityimmediateSeverityfeatureReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2021.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007137: couldn't find WiFi That's around me.
DescriptionAfter i instal the New version kali 2021.1
When I'm trying to call my wi-fi.
Go to the Wi-Fi icon and start looking for the Wi-Fi.
The result is 0.
Knowing that I have Realtek chips
And when I get my phone to USB and share the internet with it, it's normal.
I can access Google YouTube and I can download files
But I want to connect to The Wi-Fi without connecting my computer to USB.
Please, I want a solution.
Thank you



2021-04-09 14:08

reporter   ~0014442

maybe ssid broadcasting is off, do you have wifi connection in phone?
also there is a possibility that you don't have drivers to use wifi
let me know what you got


2021-04-09 14:40

reporter   ~0014443

No i have driver in my kali watch the photo
I have the icon of WiFi but he can't detect Any WiFi Around me
When II share the internet from my phone via USB I can browse the internet

IMG_20210409_153641.jpg (160,440 bytes)
IMG_20210409_153641.jpg (160,440 bytes)


2021-04-10 16:21

reporter   ~0014446

could you dump info from iwconfig and check if your wireless card can go to monitor mode
ifconfig wlan < here number of your wireless card
iwconfig wlan same here and airodump-ng wlannumberofyourcarmon0


2021-04-11 08:33

reporter   ~0014449

i don't have number of my wirless card
Maybe I should reload my wi-fi driver ?

IMG_20210411_093035.jpg (1,051,258 bytes)


2021-04-11 08:48


IMG_20210411_094539.jpg (690,849 bytes)


2021-04-11 08:48

reporter   ~0014450

I'm sorry, I wrote earlier iwconfig I made a mistake.
I don't understand " airodump-ng wlannumberofyourcarmon0"


2021-04-12 12:22

reporter   ~0014453

airodump-ng wlannumberofyourcarmon0 is something like airodump-ng wlan0mon0 and i wrote airodump-ng wlannumberofyourcarmon0 because i don't know what number of wireless card is yours so that's example


2021-04-12 12:25

reporter   ~0014454

so your interface is wlan0 i see that now so try iwconfig wlan0 and airodump-ng wlan0mon0 and dump output will see what we will get maybe its driver messing with you :)


2021-04-12 12:43

reporter   ~0014456

I've been looking a lot in the last days for a solution to my problem, so I found out there was a problem with my chip Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter. kali linux can't recognize this chip.
And when I'm trying to install the pilot, I have a lot of error messages.

IMG_20210412_134231.jpg (1,072,514 bytes)


2021-04-12 12:46

reporter   ~0014457

when I instal the driver the wlan0 show

IMG_20210412_134452.jpg (788,520 bytes)
IMG_20210412_134554.jpg (901,371 bytes)


2021-04-12 13:01

reporter   ~0014458

When I restart my laptop it show me

IMG_20210412_140036.jpg (1,237,392 bytes)
IMG_20210412_140010.jpg (622,973 bytes)


2021-04-13 19:19

reporter   ~0014463

told you that driver is messing with you :) on first 2 pics you see effects after driver installation but on other 2 driver maybe gone away dump info from /var/lib/dkms etc. from the line that is starting !Consult there is everything what we need figure whats next in my opinion there is 2 options
1 wait for kernel update because looks like he is responsible for error and its mention on picture 1 after link to
2 more risky but could do effect compile kernel by yourself
dump that infos and will see what next ok.Cheers


2021-04-14 12:07

reporter   ~0014465

Thank u i update the kernel and it working now thank u ☺️✌️��


2021-04-14 17:31

reporter   ~0014466

that's great and no problem everybody helps each other thats purpose of tis forum and thanks i could help cheers


2021-04-14 17:37

reporter   ~0014467

Yah thank u Michi !!


2021-04-14 17:37

reporter   ~0014468

Michu my bad �

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