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0007168Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2021-05-01 20:00
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Product Version2021.1 
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Summary0007168: Multiple MT76x2u card failing in Kismet
DescriptionWhen running Kismet with more than 2 MT76x2u cards, only the highest wlanX will channelhop. The other (lower) wlanX will be locked to a channel.
This has been tested on both a laptop (amd64) and a RPi4 (arm64).
Laptop running Kernel 5.10.0-kali6-amd64 5.10.26-1kali2
Rpi running Kernel 5.10.23-Re4son-v8l+
Kismet latest git (commit 4673a9c40effa057667551a0868b0c6c57a406f7)
This has also been tested with and without a powered USB-hub. No difference
When testing with airodump-ng, both nics hops on channels.
If kismet is given a channellist the nics are hopping on those channels. No other channels available in GUI.
Steps To ReproduceWhen booted:
Connect NICs
In /etc/kismet/kismet_site.conf define:
Start kismet (sudo kismet)

With channellist:

Additional InformationReference:
Discord KismetWireless channel, general (link to start of discussion)



2021-05-01 20:00

reporter   ~0014510

Given the channel-list the card hops. This is not a bug and is expected behaviour.
Was trying to give example where it kind of works.

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