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0007208Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2021-06-24 00:24
ReporterManikanta Abburi Assigned Tosteev  
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Product Version2021.1 
Summary0007208: gtk module missing for zenmap

I have installed Zenmap. It isn't running due to the missing of the gtk package. I tried to install it, but it's been made obsolete. Is there an alternative for this?

Steps To Reproduce

Install Zenmap rpm file.
Try to run it, will not open.
Try version check.




2021-05-31 04:07

manager   ~0014613

Last edited: 2021-05-31 04:09

Hello Manikanta,

Install Zenmap rpm file.

Did you really install a rpm file? <b>rpm</b> packages are for distributions like Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS. This is not for Kali, which is based on Debian and uses <b>deb</b> packages.

In Kali, you can install the <b>nmap</b> package via the package manager, APT. In the terminal, you would type:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install nmap

This will give you nmap, the command-line application.

If you want to use <b>zenmap</b> (the GUI application for nmap), it's possible. Assuming you run kali-rolling, you would type:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install zenmap-bx

Note that in Kali, the zenmap application will run in a container. This is due to the fact that some required dependencies (python2 gtk bindings If I'm not mistaken) are obsolete and can't be installed in the system. So instead we packaged zenmap in a Docker container image, and we use our home-grown application Kaboxer to manage it. And this is what you'll get by installing zenmap-kbx.

After installing zenmap-kbx, you can start it from the Kali menu, or by typing "zenmap-kbx" in the terminal.

This is a somewhat new way of distributing Kali applications, we just released a blog post on this matter:

Please try it out and give us your feedback here, that will be very appreciated! Thanks!



2021-06-24 00:24

manager   ~0014807

This issue is fixed via the zenmap-kbx package.

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