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0007223Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2021-07-08 23:05
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Summary0007223: envizon
Descriptionenvizon is actively developed by evait security - a german pentesting company. It used for network visualization, pentest reporting and many more tasks that makes the pentesters life even better. With the announcement of the new tool Kaboxer that is used in kali, the packaging process will be much easier as the project is shipped with docker containers.

Here are a list of the features that comes with the current version 5.0

- Scan networks with predefined or custom nmap queries
- Import nmap scans that used the -oX flag
- Order clients with preconfigured or custom groups
- Search through all attributes of clients and create complex linked queries
- Get an overview of your targets during pentests with predefined security labels or the subnet view
- Screenshot / visualize all http-like applications of your targets using chrome-headless (selenium) and quickly identify promising targets
- Save and reuse your most used nmap scans
- Collaborate with your team on the project in realtime (all users share the same password / workspace)
- Export selected clients in a text file to connect other tools fast
- Manage issue template and create vulnerabilities linked to hosts in the database
- Create customer pentest reports with docx templates
- Take notes no nearly any object (WIP)

- [Name] - envizon
- [Version] - 5.0
- [Homepage] -,
- [Download] -
- [Author] - evait security GmbH
- [License] - MIT License
- [Description] - Network visualization with a focus on red / blue team requirements and pentest reporting capabilities
- [Dependencies] - docker, docker-compose
- [Similar tools] - dradis (partially), zmap (partially), Rumble Network Discovery (partially)
- [Activity] - The project starts in 2018 and should visualize the huge amount of nmap output that was produced in pentests and sorting the clients in groups. In the past years, several features focused on pentesters requirements were added. The project is also used to generate all pentest reports of evait security, so it's a critical application for the creators and will be improved in the future
- [How to install] - Using docker-compose and the corresponding docker-compose.yml file. The images are build using docker hub and the current master branch.
- [How to use] - A wiki page describes some basic functions. ( A small video / gif will be added soon in order to demonstrate the core features. It is a web application that uses ruby on rails, bootstrap and some other fancy css/js plugins. A modern browser with a minimum of 720p is needed for displaying the results in the intended way.
Additional InformationI am one of the core developers of envizon and would love to see this tool packaged in the kali repos.



2021-06-15 23:18

reporter   ~0014714

If you consider to add this app to the kali repos we will assist as much as we can

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