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0007226Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2021-06-21 22:21
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Product Version2021.2 
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Summary0007226: Add kvm masking patch to the kernel
DescriptionQuite often in my work you have to use a virtual machine to run some protected programs (for example, malware and Easy Anti Cheat). It would be cool if the developers were added to the source code of the core given patch, as this may not be done every user, so you will facilitate debugging programs by a large number of users.
Link to this repository:
Thanks in advance, pheidologeton.
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2021-06-17 00:42

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2021-06-21 17:43

manager   ~0014726

I'm not sure the patches are generic enough - have you tested the patch against both an AMD and Intel machine? It seems like the values will conflict, which is unfortunate.


2021-06-21 22:18

reporter   ~0014729

Works fine on dual xeon e5-2650 v2. I have a server with dual AMD Opteron, in a short time I will test.


2021-06-21 22:21

reporter   ~0014730

Also, this patch must be tested on desktop hardware (Intel Core, AMD Ryzen). I do not have neither one or the other.

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