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0007329Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2021-09-19 11:20
Reporterneatrubble Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Product Version2021.3 
Summary0007329: Wireshark not opening document when not root

Package kali-menu

When using xdg-open on a pcap or double-clicking a pcap, as a user that is not root or in the wireshark group, Wireshark will open but not the Pcap.

In /usr/share/applications/wireshark.desktop, the Exec line contains %f two times.

According to the documentation at, "A command line may contain at most one %f, %u, %F or %U field code.".

This cause Wireshark to launch but without arguments.

Steps To Reproduce

Using a user that is not in the wireshark group:

  1. xdg-open somepcap.pcap
  2. (An authentication window will appear to run the application as root)
  3. (Wireshark will open, without the document)




2021-09-15 09:32

manager   ~0015209


Following the original Exec parameter for wireshark:
Exec=sh -c "id -Gn | grep -qw wireshark && wireshark %f || pkexec wireshark %f"

You are right, freedesktop indicates that a desktop file can only have '%f' once (, so it's only replacing that code the first match. Therefore wireshark only opens files if the user is part of the wireshark group.
I've fixed this and will be uploaded soon, but for now as a workaround you can add your user to the wireshark group (this is now the default in kali)

sudo usermod $(whoami) -aG wireshark
You probably need to reboot after adding the user to the group.

Here is the fix



2021-09-19 11:20

administrator   ~0015215

I believe this has been addressed now

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