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0007480Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-01-11 19:24
Reporterkaoscoach Assigned Tore4son  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2021.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007480: Bluetooth module does not load or work with latest kalipi-kernel on RPi4
DescriptionThe kernel packages dated after 5.4.83-20210516 do not load the bluetooth module on boot, output from 'lsmod|grep bluetooth' is empty. Manually loading hci_uart, 'sudo modprobe hci_uart' works in that it loads the hciuart and bluetooth modules. However starting hciuart service still errors, bluetooth service is able to start though. Unfortunately this still leaves system unable to pair any bluetooth devices. 'bluetoothctl devices' shows 'No default controller available'.

I thought the kali-2021.4 image would solve this issue but it exists there as well.
Steps To ReproduceUpgrade kalipi-bootloader, kalipi-kernel, kalipi-kernel-headers, kalipi-re4son-firmware to version past 5.4.83-20210516

Additional InformationIn the meantime to keep my RPi4 'working' I have apt-mark hold the following packages

Output from dpkg --list on working system,
hi kalipi-bootloader 5.4.83-20210516 arm64 Kali-Pi bootloader
hi kalipi-kernel 5.4.83-20210516 arm64 Kali-Pi linux kernel
hi kalipi-kernel-headers 5.4.83-20210516 arm64 Header files for the Kali-Pi Linux kernel
hi kalipi-re4son-firmware 5.4.83-20210516 arm64 Additional Kali-Pi Pi firmware

I am not technical enough to resolve this but will run any commands and upload output as requested to solve this issue.



2021-12-10 18:45

manager   ~0015499

Hm, let me look. We added back some dtbo files to the kernel that we had removed, but that shouldn't have affected the bluetooth functionality, but you're right, I can reproduce it here. I didn't re-check things after we added the dtbos back, but this was definitely working previously.


2021-12-10 18:58

reporter   ~0015500

I went down a rabbit hole a week ago trying to solve it and came across this, but I am not sure how that repo and kali itself are connected? I am not a programmer or kernel expert so I am not sure. But i thought the BCM43436 might have had something to do with Bluetooth? At least the date this was added seemed to be about the time Bluetooth on my RPi4 broke? But as I have said many times, I'm not sure.


2021-12-10 18:59

manager   ~0015501

No, that's the wireless firmware for the wireless device on the rpi zero 2 w. The bluetooth firmware comes from the bluez-firmware package.

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