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0007702Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2022-05-31 08:25
Reportervanguard Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Product Version2022.1 
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Summary0007702: Self build Kali live installs old ansd defective package etherape
DescriptionHi folks,

I discovered a little issue with a built kali-live.

The problem:

A freshly built kali live (built one today!) is installing an older version of etherape. This version does not start because of defective libs (it is not important, which at the moment) and crashes at start.

But when you do an "apt update && apt upgrade" within the booted livefile, you see, that a newer version of etherape is available and will be installed (and with newer libs, too). This version is working fine!

Please note: This is NOT related to a maybe uploaded newer version whilst the build. If doing the same build again, one should expect, that now the "newer" version of etherape is build in - NO IT IS NOT! This new build still got the old defective vrsion.

I believe, the reason might be not in the package of etherape itself, but maybe in the git tree or in the scripts for the live-build.

It would be nice, if someone could take a look at the settings for the version or into the git settings.


1. I downloaded all the packages freshly from the git tree - no cached packages were existent.
2. I also updated the git settings (I believe, the command is "git pull origin master" should do it, like it always did before)

Thank you very much for the help.

Best regards




2022-05-20 10:32

manager   ~0016176


The package etherape comes directly from debian, we don't provide a custom package for Kali. There's not been an update of the package since 2021-08-19 (with version 0.9.20) and Kali doesn't even include this package by default.
Also you need to run `sudo apt update` before you installing a new package, so this is not really an issue


2022-05-20 16:11

reporter   ~0016181

Sorry to reopen this thread again.

I believe, you did not recognize my problem or I did descibe it not correctly enough.

The problem is NOT that etherape does not work, the problem is, that when building a kali live ISO, the wrong packages and dependencies are downloaded (just old versions, not the actual one). This is not a debian problem (please correct me), it is looking for me a an issue with the repo of kali or its dependencies.

My begging was, to take a look, if there are wrong settings in the dependency setting within either the kali livee-builder, the repöo or whatever.

The strange thing is: When I built a new kali live, I expect the NEWEST available version of the package and its libs be downloaded within (which would be normal and which was always so), but these are NOT at the moment.

The newest package (and this is relates ONLY to etherape and its depenndency libs) can downloaded, when the new kali-live has booted.

With a just built kali-live booted, and doing "apt update && apt full-upgrade" NO NEW packages should be shown (as of course all packages are actual), but for etherape it shows "there is a new version"..

Does my point make it clearer now?

Thanks for rereading this note

Best regards




2022-05-30 20:06

reporter   ~0016223

Today I built a new livefile version of kali - the kind, like I always do. I built for 64-bit and 32-bit, and everything is working fine.

Now etherape is installed as the latest version and running fine. I do not know what you did, but it is now working well.

This bug can be safely closed.

Thank you very much for fixing this problem, it is making me happy again.

Best regards


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