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0007711Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-05-21 13:05
Reportervanguard Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Summary0007711: greenbone-security-assistant all options "task wizard" missing
DescriptionHi folks,

can somebody confirm and recheck the following:

In greenbone-security-assistant webinterface the options for "task wizard" and "task wizard advanded" are dead.
In "changelog" there was nothing mentioned and the setting for rules for this in the administrators menues are also still existent.

I believe, it is a problem in the code of the website, because it is just dead.

Would be nice, if someone could recheck this, maybe this is a still unknown bug.

Thanks for reading this.




2022-05-16 14:22

reporter   ~0016156

Problem fixed!
Feedback by and checked with a livefile system = ok.

Reinstalled gvm-common (because of missing files below /usr/share/gvm/gvmd/)

This bug can safely be closed!

Thank you for reading,

best regards



2022-05-20 10:36

manager   ~0016177

Glad it worked. Is there anything that should be added / fixes in kali to make it work?


2022-05-21 12:25

reporter   ~0016206

Good question. There are indeed some things, which might be improved, but most of them I already mentioned in other bugreports. Kali is (like it says a "rolling-release"), so changes appear within short periods. I am regularly building kali-live ISOs, so I can test the latest software without killing my native kali system which is installed on another computer.
Of course, mine is in German (as I am German) and some software is added (i.e. jnetmap or R-Linux and some other). And additionally I added a list of software from kali, which are not installed in the downloadable ISOs offered on the kali website.

As I am using an old EEEPC, which is 32-bit, I am also building 32-bit live-versions of kali. So I can check 32-bit, too.

I suppose, we could safely close this bug, as this problem here is completely fixed.

Last I can do, is only say thank you for the help and all the support you (all) gave me.

Best regards



2022-05-21 13:05

manager   ~0016207

Thank you! will close it then ;)

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