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0007729Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2022-09-09 22:46
Reporterscamdotnet Assigned Tore4son  
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Product Version2022.2 
Summary0007729: Win-kex SL mode crashes when copying a file from any folder to /usr/share in thunar

When trying to copy a file from my home directory to /usr/share in thunar under Win-kex in SL mode, the file progress window appears, and then all windows for Kali Linux hang, and eventually win-kex crashes entirely. My best guess as to why this happens is kali tries to pop up an authentication prompt, and something in that prompt causes win-kex to crash.

Steps To Reproduce

Open Thunar under "kex -sl -s", create a new file in your home directory, then try to copy it into /usr/share. Observe that all windows turn to not responding, and win-kex crashes.

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2022-08-20 23:41

manager   ~0016622

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue.
I have created a new document in my home directory using Thunar and copied it across via the command line ("sudo cp ~/Test.txt /usr/share/") without any issues. I could also copy-and-paste it across when I opened Thunar as root.
Are you doing anything differently?

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2022-09-04 01:13

reporter   ~0016699

@re4son (not sure how replying works on this platform) You do appear to be doing something different from me, as you are using window mode, instead of the stemless mode that I am observing this issue with. To enter seamless mode, kill all kex processes by running kex --kill, then launch into seamless mode by doing kex --sl (It appears i mistyped the command in the steps to reproduce, sorry about that). I did try doing the same operation as I described but in window mode, and it doesn't crash kex, instead it pops up a permission denied error from the file progress window, which is the expected behavior. I wonder if this is an issue with all dialog boxes, or just this one on the file progress bar. Something to look into further.



2022-09-09 22:46

manager   ~0016720

Interesting find. Thanks for letting us know. It might be related to a critical error when trying to resize the window of the error message.
Seems to be a bug in the X-Server we are using and not much we can do except trying not to cause error messages in thunar.
Here's a tip:

No need to use Win-KeX SL on Windows 11. Just create a shortcut to the application finder in your quick start bar and use WSLg.
Microsoft have integrated Win-KeX SL into Windows 11 ;-)

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