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0007740Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-08-26 20:23
Reporterblkdpr Assigned Tosteev  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2022.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007740: ARM Build Script Fails
DescriptionKali Linux ARM build script fails to complete build the cubox-i4pro and cubox image. I attempted to build each image 4 time each, with and without using the builder.txt file, and it fails, "no mount point specified". I was able to build a Pinebook Pro image on my first attempt with no issue.
Steps To ReproduceThe script fails to pull in the keyring so I manually wget && dpkg -i kali-archive-keyring_2022.1_all.deb.

I then run the script. ./common.d/ script
Followed by running the or script. ./ or ./
Additional InformationI also attempted to build the images as root and none-root user with sudo privileges, with the same results. I'm left with a .img file, when mounted, contains a lost+found folder. Attempted the original build on a 2012 Macbook pro with 16 GB Ram running Kubuntu 20.04 . After 2 failed attempts, I spun up a Linode vps runing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Debian 11 with 150GB RAM and 8 CPUs. all builds failed except for the Pinebook Pro.



2022-06-08 00:59



2022-06-08 01:02

manager   ~0016232

There is an error further up - could you re-run the build passing --debug and provide the log? or if you can scroll up further in your current build and screenshot that? Something in a previous step failed.


2022-06-08 22:39

reporter   ~0016241

Unfortunately, I blew away the VPS thereafter, and I did not capture any other screenshots. I attempted to build another cubox-i4pro image today and used the -d -x flags to generate a log file. Thank you for your patience, and I appreciate any help that you can render me.

cubox-i4pro-2022-06-08-21-14.log (910,597 bytes)


2022-06-29 05:30

manager   ~0016338

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Okay, I see - so, we're not actually installing the kernel, or u-boot-menu in that build script.

Can you try modifying the build script and adding

status_stage3 'Install the kernel packages'
eatmydata apt-get install -y linux-image-armmp u-boot-menu u-boot-imx

to it in the "# Third Stage" area, after the echo line, and before the EOF line.

Unfortunately, I do not have the hardware, and I have no way of testing it. Contributions to get it working are greatly appreciated!

Edit: I initially forgot to add the u-boot-imx to the package listing, but that is also needed by the build script in order to install the boot loader on the sdcard.


2022-08-26 20:23

manager   ~0016657

No response from the reporter in almost 2 months, and the cubox scripts are considered to be community supported. I did try to guide them in the direction to get things going again.

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