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0007834Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-08-04 15:57
Reporterhayabusa Assigned Toarnaudr  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007834: Legion crashes every time it hits the first nap xml import
DescriptionEvery time I launch legion, the first time it tries to import its xml data from the stage 1 nmap scan, the app crashes. Occurred on an existing kali install as well as a brand new one.
Steps To ReproduceInstall and update fresh kali from latest and make sure apt updates and upgrade are done in full.
Launch Legion from menu or command prompt.
Input a host / ip to scan and app crashes as soon as step 1 of nmap completes, with a python segfault.
Additional InformationIf I modify the /usr/share/legion file to use /bin/bash instead of the default sh (the zsh shell default in new versions), no crash occurs.



2022-08-03 10:04

manager   ~0016483

Workaround: try again, it seems that it passes at the second run. I'm having a look to understand what's wrong.


2022-08-03 13:17

manager   ~0016484

Fixed with

The fix will be released with the package pyexploitdb version `0.2.0+20190604-0kali6`.


2022-08-03 13:19

manager   ~0016485

Another workaround is to install the package `exploitdb`. This way pyexploitdb will use the database provided by the package, rather than doing a git clone.


2022-08-03 16:53

reporter   ~0016487

Thanks, arnaudr.

I still had intermittent issues with it (pre-fix), even on subsequent runs AFTER a successful one, but if this handles the underlying problem, I won't complain and the effort is appreciated.


2022-08-03 17:16

reporter   ~0016488

Installed exploitdb and all is functioning as it should (uninstalled and reinstalled legion to get the startup script and packages back to default to confirm, and everything runs as it should).

Thanks again.


2022-08-03 17:18

manager   ~0016489

Thanks for reporting the issue!


2022-08-04 15:57

manager   ~0016490

FTR: the fix will be included in the upcoming version of Kali: 2022.3

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