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0007868Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2022-08-24 17:29
Reporterpure_NZ Assigned Tosteev  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.3 
Fixed in Version2022.3 
Summary0007868: Upgrade fails


I have a problem:
Kali 2022.3 Everything XFCE is can't be upgraded.
The installer image's sum is correct.

Steps To Reproduce

After a fresh install I tried the followings:
1-Open a terminal
No response
2-Open a terminal
It opens a terminal
3-sudo apt update
It is successfull
4-sudo apt distro-upgrade
Seems everything is ok. (Seems only, because during the process some error shows "Script ssh has overlapping Default-Start and Default-Stop runlevels (2 3 4 5) and (2 3 4 5). This should be fixed.")
Then, nothing critical, let's reboot!
After the reboot the screen is disintegrated
It happens in the case of "sudo apt upgrade" eith the error with sub process (1). The error is with the wmis_4xxxxx package. And the same ssh overlapping problem.
It happens in the case of "sudo apt full-upgrade" eith the error with sub process (1). The error is with the wmis_4xxxxx package. And the same ssh overlapping problem.

Additional Information

My question:
Why can't you release an ordinary and stable version of kali? I used that lot of Backtrack versions, kali versions and I didn't engage any version has no critical and unfixable faults.
For the sake of God, it is a simple upgrade! There is no a single unreliable version of this linux.
Should I download and install the newest and the newest Quarter versions everytime you release them?




2022-08-16 16:19


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2022-08-19 11:00

administrator   ~0016607

Please could you run apt update && apt dist-upgrade again?
There was a bug with kali-meta that has been addressed.



2022-08-19 11:04

administrator   ~0016608

May also need to throw in a sudo apt --fix-broken install



2022-08-24 17:29

manager   ~0016645

The wmis package was accidentally also added to kali-linux-everything meta package. The change has been reverted, so this bug is now addressed.

As to your question, well, we Kali developers are only human, and we make mistakes too.

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