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0007957Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2022-10-11 06:49
Reporterleontiosp Assigned Tosbrun  
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Fixed in Version2022.4 
Summary0007957: GVM Report exported in PDF format results to 0 byte document

GVM Report exported in PDF format results to 0 byte document.
Other formats (e.g., CSV) are exported (downloaded) normally.
Kali and GVM in latest versions.




2022-09-29 15:20

reporter   ~0016856

COPYING FOR GVM FORUM on same issue:

There are a few options for a solution:

According to / if i understand the last part of the comment Error in pre-release-4 with utf8x and hyperref · Issue 0000833 · latex3/latex2e · GitHub correctly this seems to be an issue in the utf8x part of the inputenc package. Identifying the issue / bug tracker of that package and creating a sane bug report (with a reference to the previous linked one) could help in getting a fixed version of that LaTeX package into Kali

Use the workaround to remove the buggy LaTeX package mentioned in PDF, XML reports are empty on Kali Linux - 0000004 by Eero 2

As a last resort (no guarantee for success):

One could directly create a pull request at GitHub - greenbone/gvmd: Greenbone Vulnerability Manager - The database backend for the Greenbone Community Edition (removing that buggy package) to directly start a conversation with the responsible team

Note: Options 2. and 3. might not work as expected for all cases where the inputenc package is still required.




2022-10-03 15:09

reporter   ~0016905

Any news on the issue?




2022-10-04 07:44

manager   ~0016907

I will try to upload a fixed version soon. But there is a fix you can easily apply:

look for the file latex.xsl in /var/lib/gvm/gvmd/report_formats/*

In the file replace "\usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}" by "%\usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}"



2022-10-05 06:02

reporter   ~0016917

@sbrun Thank you for your workaround suggestion.
Unfortunately, it didn't work either; added "%" before \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} but pdf kept coming with o bytes.
Of course, there are 2 more latex files under /usr/...
Maybe I should change them too.



2022-10-06 09:22

manager   ~0016934

I didn't need to change the 2 other latex files to fix the issue on my machine

Do you have any information in the gvmd log to guide us? (/var/log/gvm/gvmd/*)



2022-10-06 14:40

reporter   ~0016938

Thank you for concerning...

Attached you may find a gvmd.log and my latex.xsl.



2022-10-06 14:42

reporter   ~0016939

The attached files...



2022-10-08 09:19

reporter   ~0016941

@sbrun Eventually, your workaround worked perfectly for me also!!!
Thank you very much!!!

P.S. It was my mistake in editing the file...



2022-10-11 06:49

manager   ~0016955

Thanks for the update.
I uploaded a new version with the fix (21.4.5-2kali1)

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