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0008076Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2022-12-01 20:30
Reporterhagnf Assigned Tosbrun  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Versionkali-dev 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008076: Greenbone/OpenVAS does not load GVM data (port list, scan configs, etc) (solution included)
Descriptionafter gvm-feed-sync the portlists and scan configs stay empty
Steps To ReproduceInstall openvas/greenbone, run gvm-setup, have it sync, log in to the web interface, check the port lists and scan configs
Additional InformationBug is caused by the wrong folder name /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.04
Greenbone expects the config definitions in /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.4

ln -s /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.04 /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.4
and then run gvm-start



2022-12-01 02:21

reporter   ~0017113

make the symlink before running gvm-setup


2022-12-01 16:54

manager   ~0017115

Can you give us details about the issue:
Is it a fresh installation of gvm or an upgrade?
Where do you see that portlists and config scans are empty?
If this is a fresh install, did you wait after the first run (as it takes time to load all the data)?
Can you share the versions of the packages installed on your machine?

gvmd clearly defines the directory "/var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.04"
You mentioned "Greenbone expects the config definitions in /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.4": where did you find this information?


2022-12-01 20:29

reporter   ~0017116

fresh install, waited for the first run, seeing it empty in the web interface when logging in as admin, it loaded the nvts and the rest, but not the gvm data. When I made the symlink and ran gvm-setup again the items were populated.


2022-12-01 20:30

reporter   ~0017117

might be a bug in the gvm-setup script and the symlink might not do anything

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