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0008080Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-12-04 19:39
Reporterved Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status closedResolutionsuspended 
Product Version2022.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008080: installing eww
i'm having this following errors while installing eww....
Steps To Reproduce./eww daemon 1 ⚙
 2022-12-03T15:56:49.266Z INFO eww > Initializing Eww server. (/run/user/1000/eww-server_aeb51fba33008789)
Run `./eww logs` to see any errors while editing your configuration.
 2022-12-03T15:56:49.266Z INFO eww::server > Loading paths: config-dir: /home/rugved/.config/eww, ipc-socket: /run/user/1000/eww-server_aeb51fba33008789, log-file: /home/rugved/.cache/eww_aeb51fba33008789.log



2022-12-03 18:18

reporter   ~0017122

Don't see any errors here, these looks more like informative messages.


2022-12-04 02:40

reporter   ~0017133

but the eww daemon is not starting ....can you please suggest me some execute eww daemon to start....?


2022-12-04 06:46

reporter   ~0017134

it stucks here when i execute ./eww logs....

./eww logs
┃Initializing eww daemon┃

(eww:3019): Gtk-WARNING **: 08:02:51.978: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:9104:22: '/*' in comment block

(eww:3019): Gtk-WARNING **: 08:02:51.984: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:10931:0: Expected a valid selector

(eww:3019): Gtk-WARNING **: 08:02:51.987: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:11810:0: expected '}' after declarations
 2022-12-04T02:32:52.100Z INFO eww::ipc_server > IPC server initialized


2022-12-04 07:29

reporter   ~0017135

This is a bug tracker, not a support/help forum. eww also doesn't seems to be shipped in Kali at all so this needs to be closed.

For eww you probably will find some help somewhere here:


2022-12-04 07:44

reporter   ~0017136

thank you for your leaving eww like this....back to basic....

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