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0008230Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-04-26 07:10
ReporterHack-the-Time Assigned Tore4son  
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Summary0008230: Nethunter desktop not working. 2/2 devices

It is not possible to connect to the tigervnc server on nethunter with kex.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Tried with 2 devices: Galaxy Tab S6 Wifi (Lineage OS 19, Android 12), Oneplus 7T (LOS 20, A: 13) | Maybe Important: flashed via magisk while on os, since both are "dynamic devices".
  • Scanned with nmap ports are listed as open with Tiger VNC
  • Download checksums match and are official ones.
  • The same bug occurs when i builded it myself.
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2023-04-20 18:02

reporter   ~0017817

I did not see any updates regarding this in a long time. Just waana make sure that this issue isn't forgotten. @re4son



2023-04-25 05:53

reporter   ~0017830

@steev is there anybody else who could take this bug since there is absoloutely no reaction in here since a month? Like not even a read it confirmation. The bug is something which should never be in a released package since as far as i have different which i can test (2), both dynamic, have this bug. Ill try some stuff with my old phone which i installed earlier is still working and test stuff with trial and error and looking at those with my low medium knowledge. Its not looking like I will suceed with it but best I got.



2023-04-25 06:59

manager   ~0017832

I cannot answer, and I cannot say. I do not have anything to do with Nethunter, perhaps you could try the discord server for assistance or the forums



2023-04-26 07:10

reporter   ~0017835

Just asked in the dc. Wanted too add some more info to this report.

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