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0008260Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-04-14 18:12
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Summary0008260: Cryt problem, with start menu, and short killing X

When Linux start, automaticaly run a aplication with i only can kill it by xkill, no X on start menu of aplication and the Menu Kali, not full load of my settings. Aplications and more on pulpit clear, but when i run second screen, the kali menu is gone, but icons on pulpit come back. I can't wrote, a name of screenshots when i make it, and some another write shorts. Shorts like alt+tab dont works, and i thinks meny more. I don't install anything last time i just off computer when i restart that was make.
Sory for my poor english.




2023-04-13 06:03




2023-04-13 06:05

reporter   ~0017798

first screen i wrong chose



2023-04-14 18:12

reporter   ~0017801

When i create new profil, and log in everythinks going allright, how i can paste that settings of new user to my own root user to repair this, or someone have another plan for that, or all settings of root send to new user, a lot of gb i will need to download again and setts.

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