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0008270Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2023-04-20 17:07
Reporteritzmoi Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Summary0008270: Kali containing virus

So after downloading and extracting kali-linux-2023.1-installer-everything-amd64 and my Windows security system did a scan, it found the installer having Trojan that provide remote access to my computer. What can be done to resolve this




2023-04-17 16:34


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2023-04-18 01:04

reporter   ~0017810

Hi dude,
Kali LINUX is not for you
you have very poor knowledge.
First, find out what Kali LINUX is,
read everything about Kali LINUX
And when you've learned, only then write here.



2023-04-18 19:15

manager   ~0017812

Kali Linux includes multiple files that are considered as "virus" in Windows, which makes sense as that's part of the purpose of this distribution.
We can't fix that on our side, you need to check the settings of your antivirus



2023-04-18 20:07

reporter   ~0017813

OP: lol

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