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0008296Kali LinuxFeature Requestspublic2023-05-31 14:54
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Product Version2023.1 
Summary0008296: wwan not registered

hello there i recently upgraded to kali linux 2023.1 fro kali linux 2022.4 and i noticed something off with my system. my mobile broadband connection is not working after upgrading. ive tried everything including installing additional drivers and even modifying and rebuilding my kernel but nothing works. i have tried even to switch my sim card but its still not recognized by my system. my device is being listed in lsusb as hp lt4112 gobi 4g module but in lscpi its not being identified, i also created a probe and my device was being recognized as a failure by the probe output,even after installing additional drivers. ive basically tried everything but nothing works even re-configuring my mobile broadband over and over again according to my provider and region. ive asked around in other kali linux forums like in reddit but the solutions they are offering, i had previously tried but were all futile. im stranded right now, ive also checked in the /lib/firmware/ folder to see whether i can see if the firmware was missing but nothing seemed to be related to my hp lt4112 gobi 4g module. The funny thing is that i had no problems in my previous kali versions, it started when i upgraded to kali linux 2023.1. i think its a bug, my kernel version is 6.1.0-kali7-amd64. please help




2023-05-09 21:36

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