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0008323Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2023-06-09 13:47
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Product Version2023.1 
Summary0008323: Critical error after installing kali linux that prevents it from working in the environment.

Good afternoon, I am a newbie, decided to move from Windows to Kali linux.
So the problem is:
When I try to log in (I enter the password when I boot the system), a black screen appears and nothing happens, thought maybe I should wait - as I have not dealt with this operating system, then log in (I enter the password when I boot the system), a black screen appears and nothing happens, thought maybe I should wait - as I have not dealt with this operating system nothing happens (I waited 40 minutes).
Started digging and searching for information write that it may be a problem with the resolution of the screen...
My hardware:
Lenovo Legion 7 R9000K laptop
RTX 3080 16Gb
Default resolution display (on Win10-64bit) 2560x1600

Please help and do not kick me, I'm at the forum for the first time, I did not deal with linux at all - not even remotely imagine how this operating system works.
I want to use it to work in Blender, Marmoset, Unreal Engine5.
I am using translator, so there might be some inaccuracies.

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Reinstalled the system four times




2023-05-22 18:37

reporter   ~0017990

No offense and not solving the initial problem:

When not familiar with Linux at all and the mention to use Kali to work with rendering Tools you could reconsider your choice to use Kali.



2023-05-23 13:29

reporter   ~0017993

я понимаю что данная система не предназначена для того как я хочу ее использовать, но мне непонятно почему я получаю черный экран после установки свежей операционной системы на новое устройство с мощным железом..



2023-05-23 15:12

reporter   ~0017996




2023-05-23 17:50

reporter   ~0018005

Translated to English via an online translator:

I understand that this system is not designed for how I want to use it, but I don’t understand why I get a black screen after installing a fresh operating system on a new device with powerful hardware ..

An possible reason could be that there is currently no hardware support in the current Linux Kernel as used by Kali. The link posted previously has a related note from the Kali team:

The developers always try to make Kali Linux as much hardware compatible as possible but, still some hardware/s might not work as expected or not work at all. So, its better to research hardware compatibility beforehand rather than breaking your computer later.



2023-06-09 13:47

reporter   ~0018175

Dia 9/6/2023 a versão kali para virtual box está travando o laptop Acer ddr4 intel core e tem memória travando estou a m
as de 2 semanas tentando instalar e trava tudo

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