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0008410Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2023-08-08 22:42
Reportert3l3machus Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Summary0008410: Villain - New Version

Hi, thank you for adding my project in kali-rolling!
I just pushed a major update to the main branch of
Please, update the corresponding package in kali-rolling when convenient. It improves the performance and usability of the tool significantly.

Thank your for your time.




2023-08-07 19:47

reporter   ~0018281

FYI, added a new update mechanism that compares file signatures from the main branch of the project's repo against local installation file signatures and proceeds to upgrade. This should be sufficient to maintain the project up to date in kali without the tool being re-packaged every now and then. The -u (--update) option that your team wisely removed before adding Villain in kali-rolling (as it would not work) has been substituted with option -s (--skip-update). The new update routine is in (lines 740-830), in case you need to inspect it.

*Among various new and existing files, requirements.txt has also changed.



2023-08-08 22:42

manager   ~0018291

I've just pushed the new update to the repos. About the update mechanism we prefer to keep the package being updated by apt and not the manual way. It makes it cleaner and less prone to breaking. imagine in this case, you mentioned that the requirements.txt changed, but as the package was updated manually, even thought the package was installed via apt, the new dependencies won't be installed and the tool will break. We also prefer not to show messages about the tool being outdated every time you run it, it would look Kali not maintained. Also with as we do some minor patches to the python files the checksums might be different from the ones in the upstream repo, so the update banner shows every time you run villain.

Something that would really help us keep the package update would be if you could create git tags for the point releases. Right now our update process checks for any change in the villain repository, but that brings to much noise. With release tags it would only pop us when the new version is ready. This is not mandatory, we can keep it as it is right now, but just to let you know.

Anyway, thanks for checking your tool being packaged ;) It's intended to be announced in this next release

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