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0008463Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-10-09 20:26
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Product Version2023.3 
Summary0008463: Can not wake Kali durring suspend mode.

I have Kali installed on an encrypted partition on my HP Victus. Whenever my computer falls asleep, I have a few seconds to wake it up, or else it gets stuck in suspend mode. The screen turns black with an underscore on the top left corner. The only thing to do from that point is force a shutdown, and then reboot the computer, and make sure it doesn't fall asleep.

Steps To Reproduce

Install Kali on an HP laptop. Boot Kali, and leave to laptop idol until is goes into suspend mode.




2023-10-09 20:26

reporter   ~0018537

it's something wrong with the installation.

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