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0008474Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2023-10-03 15:46
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Summary0008474: Error in kernel version 6.5.3 - scsi_eh_1 generates high CPU load

I just upgraded Kali from kernel version 6.4.0 to version 6.5.3.
The problem is that process scsi_eh_1 is generating a high CPU load.

The problem is described here:

And the fix here:[email protected]/




2023-09-25 08:49

reporter   ~0018504

Bug described also here:



2023-09-28 18:05

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I can confirm, I have exactly the same problem. CPU hast a permanent load of 58 to 60%, after upgrade from 6.4.0 to 6.5.3



2023-09-29 06:21

reporter   ~0018517

Seems to be an issue with optical devices, If you use VMware and there's an optical device configured (CD/DVD rom), delete it or change its setting (virtual device node) from IDE to SCSI.
That helped for me.



2023-10-03 15:23

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My experience on this topic turns out that when you install kali purple on a clean VM, it is installed with kernel 6.3 but when you apply the command sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y the system updates to kernel 6.5, generating a conflict of performance (system slowness), use four types of solutions:
1.- within the VM in advanced options choose kernel 6.3 instead of 6.5
2.- remove the CD/DVD device from the VM to use kernel 6.5
3.- if we need to use the CD/DVD then change the CD/DVD configuration from IDE to SATA or SCSI to use the 6.5 kernel
4.- do not update the system so that it only works with kernel 6.3 while they correct the problem

The solution I used was 2, and the system runs smoothly for me, the tests I did were in VMWare 17 and VirtualBox with Kali Purple and Parrot systems giving the same readability result, which were solved with what I mentioned above.

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