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0008532Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2024-01-29 11:27
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Summary0008532: Add debug symbols packages to Kali packages

I am trying to get a stack trace from gnome-shell but Kali does not provide debug symbols for all of its packages.

There is more info about why I need a stack trace over at the gnome bug tracker, and what I have tried so far.

I did find debug symbols for gnome-shell and libmutter in Debian deb testing-debug main but those versions does not match with the same packages provided in Kali (deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free non-free-firmware).

While deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free non-free-firmware exist, I fail to see what the source code package name for gnome-shell and libmutter and building from source seems to defeat the point of debugging the package that actually fails. I guess I could build the exact same package and create debug symbols, if I knew what the source code package name scheme but it does not seem to be document at




2023-12-03 05:22

manager   ~0018666

These are packages imported from Debian, yes, they are not Kali specific which is why we do not have them documented. You do bring up a good point that we aren't pulling in all of the packages, and we should probably do so.



2023-12-22 21:39

reporter   ~0018743

@steev any update on this? I don't mean to nag but curious to know if this will happen.



2023-12-23 07:32

manager   ~0018745

I do not yet have an update, sorry. With the holidays this slipped through the cracks, but I'll add it to the agenda so it gets discussed at our next team meeting!



2024-01-05 21:30

reporter   ~0018768

Sounds good! To be clear, I'm only interested in the debug symbols for the packages that Kali is already importing.



2024-01-08 02:08

manager   ~0018771

I'm only interested in the debug symbols for the packages that Kali is already importing.

By that, you mean: only packages that are Kali specific, either packages that only exist in Kali, or packages that come from Debian but are modified for Kali. Do I understand correctly?

As you found out, for all the packages that come from Debian "as is" (unmodified), I think the -dbg packages are already available.



2024-01-08 18:02

reporter   ~0018775

Last edited: 2024-01-08 18:04

As you found out, for all the packages that come from Debian "as is" (unmodified), I think the -dbg packages are already available.

I'm using Kali with GNOME DE and I can't find any GNOME -dbg packages.

For instance, a search for libmutter gives me:

$ apt search libmutter
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
libmutter-13-0/kali-rolling,now 45.0-3 amd64 [installed,automatic]
  window manager library from the Mutter window manager

libmutter-13-dev/kali-rolling 45.0-3 amd64
  Development files for the Mutter window manager

libmutter-test-13/kali-rolling 45.0-3 amd64
  Test helper library for GNOME's window manager library

What I'm saying in the description is that I can find the debug symbol packages in Debian but they are not the same version as the packages in Kali, that I'm looking for debug symbols for.
I see the solution to be that you include the -dbg packages for all of the packages you include in kali-rolling main.



2024-01-09 01:25

manager   ~0018776

Last edited: 2024-01-09 01:34

For this particular case, I can see that Debian doesn't provide the -dbgsym packages either: . Or is it supposed to be located somewhere else? I never use -dbgsym packages myself, so maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Are there other packages for which -dbgsym packages are missing for you? If I can find a case where it's really Kali not providing something, I'm happy to fix it.



2024-01-09 01:33

manager   ~0018777

Did a quick search, found: Telling me that debug packages for mutter are here: Can you make use of that? Again, I don't know your workflow, so please tell if it's not usable.

Generally speaking: most packages in Kali come straight from Debian and are not modified. For those packages, you can just use the -dbgsym packages from Debian, provided by When we fork a package for Kali, the version is always modified (we append kaliX or +kaliX to the version). So it's easy to see if a package was modified or not for Kali, by looking at the version. In case a package is modified and rebuilt for Kali, it seems that we include the -dbgsym packages in our repositories, for example check this one:

So I have the impression that everything is already in place, please confirm that it's the case. Thanks!

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