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0008712Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2024-04-10 16:25
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Summary0008712: ModuleNotFoundError while attempting to run the xfce4-panel-profiles utility in Kali Linux version 2024.1. The error

Error Details:

File Path: The error originates from the script '/usr/share/xfce4-panel-profiles/xfce4-panel-profiles/' at line 44.

Import Statement: The script attempts to import the 'PanelConfig' class from the module '', located at '/usr/share/xfce4-panel-profiles/xfce4-panel-profiles/'.

Root Cause: The error occurs because the 'psutil' module, which is imported within '' (line 19), is not found. 'psutil' is a Python module providing convenient functions for accessing system and process information.

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2024-04-10 15:58

reporter   ~0019128

Open a bug on the XFCE bug tracker?



2024-04-10 16:25

reporter   ~0019129

Ah, no. Seems this is a Debian issue / bug and tracked here:

so this probably needs to be fixed in Debian first and then it is getting automatically pulled into Kali right?

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