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0008789Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2024-06-28 10:02
Reporterlm_security Assigned Toarnaudr  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0008789: Kali-dev some packages not found

I use kali-dev as chroot env to build my deb package. Today I get error "Package not found", but this package was available at Friday (14.06.24).
After small research I found that kali-dev repo was updated at "2024-Jun-17 07:08". After update some packages appeared available, for example package "" not found, but package "bsdutils_2.40-8_amd64.deb" and "bsdutils_2.40.1-8.1_amd64.deb" is exists. I guess that error appeared after kali-dev updating.
Log file of chroot creating attached

Attached Files
kali-dev-chroot.log (13,320 bytes)   
sudo sbuild-createchroot --keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/kali-archive-keyring.gpg --arch=amd64 --components=main,contrib,non-free --include=kali-archive-keyring kali-dev kali-dev-amd64-sbuild
mkdir kali-dev-amd64-sbuild
I: SUITE: kali-dev
I: TARGET: /tmp/kali-dev-amd64-sbuild
I: Running debootstrap --arch=amd64 --variant=buildd --verbose --include=fakeroot,build-essential,kali-archive-keyring --components=main,contrib,non-free --keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/kali-archive-keyring.gpg --resolve-deps --no-merged-usr kali-dev /tmp/kali-dev-amd64-sbuild
I: Retrieving InRelease 
I: Checking Release signature
I: Valid Release signature (key id 44C6513A8E4FB3D30875F758ED444FF07D8D0BF6)
I: Retrieving Packages 
I: Validating Packages 
I: Retrieving Packages 
I: Validating Packages 
I: Retrieving Packages 
I: Validating Packages 
W: Retrying failed download of
I: Retrieving Packages 
I: Validating Packages 
I: Resolving dependencies of required packages...
I: Resolving dependencies of base packages...
I: Checking component main on
I: Retrieving apt 2.9.4+kali1
I: Validating apt 2.9.4+kali1
I: Retrieving apt-utils 2.9.4+kali1
I: Validating apt-utils 2.9.4+kali1
I: Retrieving base-files 1:2024.2.0
I: Validating base-files 1:2024.2.0
I: Retrieving base-passwd 3.6.3
I: Validating base-passwd 3.6.3
I: Retrieving bash 5.2.21-2+b1
I: Validating bash 5.2.21-2+b1
I: Retrieving binutils 2.42-4
I: Validating binutils 2.42-4
I: Retrieving binutils-common 2.42-4
I: Validating binutils-common 2.42-4
I: Retrieving binutils-x86-64-linux-gnu 2.42-4
I: Validating binutils-x86-64-linux-gnu 2.42-4
I: Retrieving bsdutils 1:2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package bsdutils (ver 1:2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving build-essential 12.10
I: Validating build-essential 12.10
I: Retrieving bzip2 1.0.8-5.1
I: Validating bzip2 1.0.8-5.1
I: Retrieving coreutils 9.4-3.1
I: Validating coreutils 9.4-3.1
I: Retrieving cpp 4:13.2.0-7
I: Validating cpp 4:13.2.0-7
I: Retrieving cpp-13 13.2.0-25
I: Validating cpp-13 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving cpp-13-x86-64-linux-gnu 13.2.0-25
I: Validating cpp-13-x86-64-linux-gnu 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving cpp-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:13.2.0-7
I: Validating cpp-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:13.2.0-7
I: Retrieving dash 0.5.12-8
I: Validating dash 0.5.12-8
I: Retrieving debconf 1.5.86
I: Validating debconf 1.5.86
I: Retrieving debian-archive-keyring 2023.4
I: Validating debian-archive-keyring 2023.4
I: Retrieving debianutils 5.19
I: Validating debianutils 5.19
I: Retrieving diffutils 1:3.10-1
I: Validating diffutils 1:3.10-1
I: Retrieving dpkg 1.22.6+kali1
I: Validating dpkg 1.22.6+kali1
I: Retrieving dpkg-dev 1.22.6+kali1
I: Validating dpkg-dev 1.22.6+kali1
I: Retrieving e2fsprogs 1.47.1-1
I: Validating e2fsprogs 1.47.1-1
I: Retrieving fakeroot 1.33-1
I: Validating fakeroot 1.33-1
I: Retrieving findutils 4.9.0-6
I: Validating findutils 4.9.0-6
I: Retrieving g++ 4:13.2.0-7
I: Validating g++ 4:13.2.0-7
I: Retrieving g++-13 13.2.0-25
I: Validating g++-13 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving g++-13-x86-64-linux-gnu 13.2.0-25
I: Validating g++-13-x86-64-linux-gnu 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving g++-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:13.2.0-7
I: Validating g++-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:13.2.0-7
I: Retrieving gcc 4:13.2.0-7
I: Validating gcc 4:13.2.0-7
I: Retrieving gcc-13 13.2.0-25
I: Validating gcc-13 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving gcc-13-base 13.2.0-25
I: Validating gcc-13-base 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving gcc-13-x86-64-linux-gnu 13.2.0-25
I: Validating gcc-13-x86-64-linux-gnu 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving gcc-14-base 14-20240330-1
I: Validating gcc-14-base 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving gcc-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:13.2.0-7
I: Validating gcc-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:13.2.0-7
I: Retrieving gpgv 2.2.43-7
I: Validating gpgv 2.2.43-7
I: Retrieving grep 3.11-4
I: Validating grep 3.11-4
I: Retrieving gzip 1.12-1.1
I: Validating gzip 1.12-1.1
I: Retrieving hostname 3.23+nmu2
I: Validating hostname 3.23+nmu2
I: Retrieving init-system-helpers 1.66+kali1
I: Validating init-system-helpers 1.66+kali1
I: Retrieving kali-archive-keyring 2024.1
I: Validating kali-archive-keyring 2024.1
I: Retrieving libacl1 2.3.2-2
I: Validating libacl1 2.3.2-2
I: Retrieving libapt-pkg6.0t64 2.9.4+kali1
I: Validating libapt-pkg6.0t64 2.9.4+kali1
I: Retrieving libasan8 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libasan8 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libatomic1 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libatomic1 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libattr1 1:2.5.2-1
I: Validating libattr1 1:2.5.2-1
I: Retrieving libaudit-common 1:3.1.2-2
I: Validating libaudit-common 1:3.1.2-2
I: Retrieving libaudit1 1:3.1.2-2
I: Validating libaudit1 1:3.1.2-2
I: Retrieving libbinutils 2.42-4
I: Validating libbinutils 2.42-4
I: Retrieving libblkid1 2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package libblkid1 (ver 2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libbz2-1.0 1.0.8-5.1
I: Validating libbz2-1.0 1.0.8-5.1
I: Retrieving libc-bin 2.38-12
W: Couldn't download package libc-bin (ver 2.38-12 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libc-dev-bin 2.38-12
W: Couldn't download package libc-dev-bin (ver 2.38-12 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libc6 2.38-12
W: Couldn't download package libc6 (ver 2.38-12 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libc6-dev 2.38-12
W: Couldn't download package libc6-dev (ver 2.38-12 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libcap-ng0 0.8.5-1
I: Validating libcap-ng0 0.8.5-1
I: Retrieving libcap2 1:2.66-5
I: Validating libcap2 1:2.66-5
I: Retrieving libcc1-0 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libcc1-0 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libcom-err2 1.47.1-1
I: Validating libcom-err2 1.47.1-1
I: Retrieving libcrypt-dev 1:4.4.36-4
I: Validating libcrypt-dev 1:4.4.36-4
I: Retrieving libcrypt1 1:4.4.36-4
I: Validating libcrypt1 1:4.4.36-4
I: Retrieving libctf-nobfd0 2.42-4
I: Validating libctf-nobfd0 2.42-4
I: Retrieving libctf0 2.42-4
I: Validating libctf0 2.42-4
I: Retrieving libdb5.3t64 5.3.28+dfsg2-7
I: Validating libdb5.3t64 5.3.28+dfsg2-7
I: Retrieving libdebconfclient0 0.272
I: Validating libdebconfclient0 0.272
I: Retrieving libdpkg-perl 1.22.6+kali1
I: Validating libdpkg-perl 1.22.6+kali1
I: Retrieving libext2fs2t64 1.47.1-1
I: Validating libext2fs2t64 1.47.1-1
I: Retrieving libfakeroot 1.33-1
I: Validating libfakeroot 1.33-1
I: Retrieving libffi8 3.4.6-1
I: Validating libffi8 3.4.6-1
I: Retrieving libfile-find-rule-perl 0.34-3
I: Validating libfile-find-rule-perl 0.34-3
I: Retrieving libgcc-13-dev 13.2.0-25
I: Validating libgcc-13-dev 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving libgcc-s1 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libgcc-s1 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libgcrypt20 1.10.3-3
I: Validating libgcrypt20 1.10.3-3
I: Retrieving libgdbm-compat4t64 1.23-6
I: Validating libgdbm-compat4t64 1.23-6
I: Retrieving libgdbm6t64 1.23-6
I: Validating libgdbm6t64 1.23-6
I: Retrieving libgmp10 2:6.3.0+dfsg-2+b1
I: Validating libgmp10 2:6.3.0+dfsg-2+b1
I: Retrieving libgnutls30t64 3.8.5-4
I: Validating libgnutls30t64 3.8.5-4
I: Retrieving libgomp1 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libgomp1 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libgpg-error0 1.49-2
I: Validating libgpg-error0 1.49-2
I: Retrieving libgprofng0 2.42-4
I: Validating libgprofng0 2.42-4
I: Retrieving libhogweed6t64 3.9.1-2.2
I: Validating libhogweed6t64 3.9.1-2.2
I: Retrieving libhwasan0 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libhwasan0 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libidn2-0 2.3.7-2
I: Validating libidn2-0 2.3.7-2
I: Retrieving libisl23 0.26-3+b2
I: Validating libisl23 0.26-3+b2
I: Retrieving libitm1 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libitm1 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libjansson4 2.14-2+b2
I: Validating libjansson4 2.14-2+b2
I: Retrieving liblsan0 14-20240330-1
I: Validating liblsan0 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving liblz4-1 1.9.4-2
I: Validating liblz4-1 1.9.4-2
I: Retrieving liblzma5 5.6.1+really5.4.5-1
I: Validating liblzma5 5.6.1+really5.4.5-1
I: Retrieving libmd0 1.1.0-2
I: Validating libmd0 1.1.0-2
I: Retrieving libmount1 2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package libmount1 (ver 2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libmpc3 1.3.1-1+b2
I: Validating libmpc3 1.3.1-1+b2
I: Retrieving libmpfr6 4.2.1-1+b1
I: Validating libmpfr6 4.2.1-1+b1
I: Retrieving libnettle8t64 3.9.1-2.2
I: Validating libnettle8t64 3.9.1-2.2
I: Retrieving libnumber-compare-perl 0.03-3
I: Validating libnumber-compare-perl 0.03-3
I: Retrieving libp11-kit0 0.25.3-5
I: Validating libp11-kit0 0.25.3-5
I: Retrieving libpam-modules 1.5.3-7
I: Validating libpam-modules 1.5.3-7
I: Retrieving libpam-modules-bin 1.5.3-7
I: Validating libpam-modules-bin 1.5.3-7
I: Retrieving libpam-runtime 1.5.3-7
I: Validating libpam-runtime 1.5.3-7
I: Retrieving libpam0g 1.5.3-7
I: Validating libpam0g 1.5.3-7
I: Retrieving libpcre2-8-0 10.42-4+b1
I: Validating libpcre2-8-0 10.42-4+b1
I: Retrieving libperl5.38t64 5.38.2-5
I: Validating libperl5.38t64 5.38.2-5
I: Retrieving libquadmath0 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libquadmath0 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libseccomp2 2.5.5-1
I: Validating libseccomp2 2.5.5-1
I: Retrieving libselinux1 3.5-2+b2
I: Validating libselinux1 3.5-2+b2
I: Retrieving libsemanage-common 3.5-1
I: Validating libsemanage-common 3.5-1
I: Retrieving libsemanage2 3.5-1+b3
I: Validating libsemanage2 3.5-1+b3
I: Retrieving libsepol2 3.5-2+b1
I: Validating libsepol2 3.5-2+b1
I: Retrieving libsframe1 2.42-4
I: Validating libsframe1 2.42-4
I: Retrieving libsmartcols1 2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package libsmartcols1 (ver 2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libss2 1.47.1-1
I: Validating libss2 1.47.1-1
I: Retrieving libssl3t64 3.2.1-3
I: Validating libssl3t64 3.2.1-3
I: Retrieving libstdc++-13-dev 13.2.0-25
I: Validating libstdc++-13-dev 13.2.0-25
I: Retrieving libstdc++6 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libstdc++6 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libsystemd0 256~rc4-1
W: Couldn't download package libsystemd0 (ver 256~rc4-1 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libtasn1-6 4.19.0-3+b2
I: Validating libtasn1-6 4.19.0-3+b2
I: Retrieving libtext-glob-perl 0.11-3
I: Validating libtext-glob-perl 0.11-3
I: Retrieving libtinfo6 6.5-2
I: Validating libtinfo6 6.5-2
I: Retrieving libtsan2 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libtsan2 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libubsan1 14-20240330-1
I: Validating libubsan1 14-20240330-1
I: Retrieving libudev1 256~rc4-1
W: Couldn't download package libudev1 (ver 256~rc4-1 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libunistring5 1.2-1
I: Validating libunistring5 1.2-1
I: Retrieving libuuid1 2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package libuuid1 (ver 2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving libxxhash0 0.8.2-2+b1
I: Validating libxxhash0 0.8.2-2+b1
I: Retrieving libzstd1 1.5.5+dfsg2-2
I: Validating libzstd1 1.5.5+dfsg2-2
I: Retrieving linux-libc-dev 6.8.11-1kali2
I: Validating linux-libc-dev 6.8.11-1kali2
I: Retrieving login 1:4.13+dfsg1-5
I: Validating login 1:4.13+dfsg1-5
I: Retrieving logsave 1.47.1-1
I: Validating logsave 1.47.1-1
I: Retrieving make 4.3-4.1
I: Validating make 4.3-4.1
I: Retrieving mawk
I: Validating mawk
I: Retrieving mount 2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package mount (ver 2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving ncurses-base 6.5-2
I: Validating ncurses-base 6.5-2
I: Retrieving ncurses-bin 6.5-2
I: Validating ncurses-bin 6.5-2
I: Retrieving passwd 1:4.13+dfsg1-5
I: Validating passwd 1:4.13+dfsg1-5
I: Retrieving patch 2.7.6-7
I: Validating patch 2.7.6-7
I: Retrieving perl 5.38.2-5
I: Validating perl 5.38.2-5
I: Retrieving perl-base 5.38.2-5
I: Validating perl-base 5.38.2-5
I: Retrieving perl-modules-5.38 5.38.2-5
I: Validating perl-modules-5.38 5.38.2-5
I: Retrieving rpcsvc-proto 1.4.3-1
I: Validating rpcsvc-proto 1.4.3-1
I: Retrieving sed 4.9-2
I: Validating sed 4.9-2
I: Retrieving sysvinit-utils 3.09-1
I: Validating sysvinit-utils 3.09-1
I: Retrieving tar 1.35+dfsg-3
I: Validating tar 1.35+dfsg-3
I: Retrieving tzdata 2024a-4
I: Validating tzdata 2024a-4
I: Retrieving usrmerge 39
I: Validating usrmerge 39
I: Retrieving util-linux 2.40.1-8
W: Couldn't download package util-linux (ver 2.40.1-8 arch amd64) at
I: Retrieving xz-utils 5.6.1+really5.4.5-1
I: Validating xz-utils 5.6.1+really5.4.5-1
I: Retrieving zlib1g 1:1.3.dfsg+really1.3.1-1
I: Validating zlib1g 1:1.3.dfsg+really1.3.1-1
E: Couldn't download packages: bsdutils libblkid1 libmount1 libsystemd0 libsmartcols1 mount util-linux libc-dev-bin libuuid1 libudev1 libc6-dev libc-bin libc6
E: Error running debootstrap at /usr/bin/sbuild-createchroot line 438.
kali-dev-chroot.log (13,320 bytes)   




2024-06-28 10:02

manager   ~0019489

There was some misconfiguration on our side, caching issues server-side. It should be fixed by now, so I'm closing the issue. Thanks for reporting.

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