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0003042Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2021-05-18 11:02
Reporteri3visio Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2017.3 
Summary0003042: Add OSRFramework v6.0 - Tools for user profiling and online research

OSRFramework, the Open Sources Research Framework is a GPLv3+ project by i3visio focused on providing OSINT extensible tools to perform more accurate online investigations linked to online profiling. These tools can be used in a bunch of different use cases: pentesting, social engineering, brand reputation or online profiling amongst others.

In the framework, which can be extended by means of new wrappers, we include the following tools:

  • A username check tool to verify the existence of registered usernames in up to 235 different platforms. A sample search could be: -n <NICKNAME> -p all
  • A tool to create new aliases based on information provided by the researcher.
  • A tool to perform search queries on different platforms to find different profiles linked to it. A sample search could be: -q <FULLNAME> -p all
  • A tool to verify the existence of full mail accounts or any account linked to given aliases or usernames. A sample search could be: -m <MAIL>
  • A tool to verify if a given phone number has been linked in the past to spam practices. -n <PHONE_NUMBER>

At the moment, it can be downloaded directly from pip while developers can contribute to the Github Project <> by submitting issues or adding new wrappers.

Steps To Reproduce

Verifying the installation requirements

python --version
pip --version

Installing from pip

sudo pip install osrframework

To upgrade previous installations:

sudo pip install osrframework --upgrade

Additional Information

The set of tools have been presented in Navaja Negra | Conecta Con #nnc5ed (Albacete, Spain) and 8.8 2015 (Santiago, Chile) security conferences as well as in a 2-hour workshop in Cybercamp 2015 (Madrid, Spain). To install them, you can also find a 3'33'' minutes video with the installation guidelines for Kali Linux as well as some basic examples: <>

Supported platforms:

  •, 235 supported platforms: '500px', 'about', 'adtriboo', 'anarchy101', 'aporrealos', 'apsense', 'archive', 'arduino', 'ariva', 'armorgames', 'artician', 'arto', 'askfm', 'audiob', 'audioboo', 'authorstream', 'autospies', 'backyardchickens', 'badoo', 'behance', 'bennugd', 'bitbucket', 'bitcointa', 'bitcointalk', 'bitly', 'blackplanet', 'bladna', 'blip', 'blogspot', 'bookmarky', 'bookofmatches', 'boonex', 'bordom', 'boxedup', 'breakcom', 'bucketlistly', '', 'burdastyle', 'buzznet', 'cafemom', 'carbonmade', 'cardomain', 'care2', 'castroller', 'causes', 'ccsinfo', 'chess', 'cockos', 'connectingsingles', 'couchsurfing', 'dailymail', 'dailymotion', 'deviantart', 'digitalspy', 'disqus', 'doodle', 'douban', 'dribbble', 'drugbuyersforum', 'drupal', 'ebay', 'echatta', 'elmundo', 'enfemenino', 'ethereum', 'etsy', 'evilzone', 'facebook', 'fanbitcoin', 'fanpop', 'fark', 'favstar', 'flickr', 'flixster', 'foodspotting', 'forobtc', 'forocoches', 'forosperu', 'foursquare', 'freeb
    ase', 'freerepublic', 'gamesheep', 'gametracker', 'gapyear', 'garage4hackers', 'gather', 'geeksphone', 'genspot', 'getsatisfaction', 'github', 'gitorious', 'gogobot', 'goodreads', 'googleplus', 'gsmspain', 'hellboundhackers', 'hi5', 'hubpages', 'ibosocial', 'identica', 'imgur', 'instagram', 'instructables', 'intersect', 'intfiction', 'issuu', 'ivoox', 'ixgames', 'jamiiforums', 'kali', 'kanogames', 'karmacracy', 'kickstarter', 'kinja', 'klout', 'kongregate', 'kupika', 'lastfm', 'linkedin', 'livejournal', 'looki', 'marca', 'matchdoctor', 'mcneel', 'mediavida', 'medium', 'meneame', 'metacafe', 'migente', 'minecraft', 'musicasacra', 'myeloma', 'myspace', 'naver', 'netlog', 'netvibes', 'newgrounds', 'nubelo', 'occupywallst', 'odnoklassniki', 'openframeworks', 'oroom', 'pastebin', 'pearltrees', 'peerbackers', 'periscope', 'photobucket', 'pinterest', 'pixinsight', 'pixls', 'pjrc', 'plancast', 'pokerred', 'pokerstrategy', 'pornhub', 'proboards', 'qq', 'quartermoonsaloon', 'rankia', 'rapid', '
    ratemypoo', 'rebelmouse', 'redtube', 'relatious', 'researchgate', 'retailmenot', 'rojadirecta', 'ruby', 'scribd', 'sencha', 'sidereel', 'skype', 'slashdot', 'slideshare', 'smartcitizen', 'sokule', 'soundcloud', 'sourceforge', 'spaniards', 'spoj', 'spotify', 'squidoo', 'steamcommunity', 'steinberg', 'streakgaming', 'stuff', 'stumbleupon', 'teamtreehouse', 'techcrunch', 'thecarcommunity', 'thehoodup', 'thepiratebay', 'thesims', 'thestudentroom', 'tradimo', 'travian', 'tripadvisor', 'tripit', 'trulia', 'tumblr', 'tuporno', 'twicsy', 'twitpic', 'twitter', 'twoplustwo', 'ummahforum', 'unsystem', 'ustream', 'vexforum', 'videohelp', 'vimeo', 'virustotal', 'vk', 'webtv', 'wikipedia', 'winamp', 'wishlistr', 'wordpress', 'worldcarfans', 'wykop', 'xanga', 'xat', 'xing', 'xtube', 'youku', 'youtube', 'zabbix', 'zentyal'.
  •, 6 supported searches: 'facebook', 'github', 'pgpmit', 'skype', 'twitter', 'youtube'.
  •, 9 supported providers: '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''.
  •, 3 supported providers: 'infotelefonica', 'kimatel', 'listaspam'.


has duplicate 0001654 closedrhertzog Inclusion of new OSINT tool: (GPLv3 username checker) 




2016-10-03 15:52

reporter   ~0006020

OSRFramework 0.14.0 has been recently released. It can be installed using pip and upgraded as stared previously. It includes which is a tool that emulates msfconsole commands to be used with osrframework apps.

A tutorial of its installation and basic usage can be found in Youtube: <>. As usual, any comments are welcome.



2017-07-18 14:21

administrator   ~0006922


Name: OSRFramework
Version: v6.0 ~
Download: (There isn't a tag'd release)
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 ~
Description: They include references to a bunch of different applications related to username checking, DNS lookups, information leaks research, deep web search, regular expressions extraction and many others. At the same time, by means of ad-hoc Maltego transforms, OSRFramework provides a way of making these queries graphically as well as several interfaces to interact with like OSRFConsole or a Web interface.

Please could this be added into Kali.



2017-09-28 11:56

manager   ~0007418

osrframework version 0.17.2-0kali1 is now in kali-rolling

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