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Summary0001149: fgdump

Name: fgdump
Description: A utility for dumping passwords on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 machines

Additional Information

fgdump was born out of frustration with current antivirus (AV) vendors who only partially handled execution of programs like pwdump. Certain vendors' solutions would sometimes allow pwdump to run, sometimes not, and sometimes lock up the box. As such, we as security engineers had to remember to shut off antivirus before running pwdump and similar utilities like cachedump. Needless to say, we're forgetful sometimes...

So fgdump started as simply a wrapper around things we had to do to make pwdump work effectively. Later, cachedump was added to the mix, as were a couple other variations of AV. Over time it has grown, and continues to grow, to support our assessments and other projects. We are beginning to use it extensively within Windows domains for broad password auditing, and in conjunction with other tools (ownr and for discovering implied trust relationships.

fgdump is targetted at the security auditing community, and is designed to be used for good, not evil. :) Note that, in order to effectively use fgdump, you're going to need high-power credentials (Administrator or Domain Administrator, in most cases), thus limiting its usefulness as a hacking tool. However, hopefully some of you other security folks will find this helpful.




2014-04-15 19:34

reporter   ~0001702

Incorporated fgdump in windows-binaries_0.4-0kali1. It will be in the repos soon.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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