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0002238Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2015-04-24 06:53
Reporterpachulo Assigned Todookie  
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Summary0002238: Architecture guessing of zarp init script not working inside a container
DescriptionThe script used to start ZAP (/usr/bin/zaproxy) uses this to gather the architecture of the machine:
ARCH=`uname -r|cut -d "-" -f 3`

But when running Kali inside a LXC container in an Ubuntu host, the "uname -r" command returns something like this:

Wouldn't it be better to get the arch with the "-m" option of "uname"?
-m, --machine print the machine hardware name

That would imply changing the if's in the script, as the strings returned are different.

Steps To Reproduce1. Create a Debian-based container in Ubuntu.
2. Configure Kali repos.
3. Install Zap.
4. Try to run it.
Additional InformationHaven't tried with other architectures besides x86_64, but shouldn't break anything.



2015-04-23 19:33

reporter   ~0003259

Kali Linux is not Ubuntu and you cannot just add our repositories to a distribution and have it become Kali Linux.


2015-04-23 21:24

reporter   ~0003260

Just wanted to note that the container is Debian based (Ubuntu acts as the container host).
And yes, even in that case, I know that Kali is not just adding your repositories to Debian; I just thought that using "uname -r" was a neatest way of finding out the Kernel architecture.


2015-04-24 06:53

administrator   ~0003262

I agree with pachulo but this needs to be reported to the zap's developers, not us.

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