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Summary0002686: multiple typos in Kali Linux tutorial page

In the page

There are different typos.

The word "tbao" should be "to":
 The idea we had was tbao build an “unattended self-deploying”
 instance of Kali Linux that would install itself on a target machine
 along with a customized configuration requiring no user input

The "to to" should be just "to", and "any any" maybe should be "have any" or "make any":
 With this complete, our remote target network is now fully accessible
 to to us. We can any any tools we have to interact with the remote
 network just as if it was connected as a WAN. All fully automated,
 and easy to setup. These sorts of customizations to Kali are where
 the real power lives.

"We can have any tools we have to interact with the remote network"
- or -
"We can make any tools we have to interact with the remote network"




2018-01-29 13:47

administrator   ~0008319

Nice catch! Fixed

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